A Brief Rundown Of The Pros And Cons Of The Campbell Hausfeld PW182501AV

Campbell Hausfeld PW182501AV 1900PSI Electric Pressure Washer

When talking about electric pressure washers, one of the systems worth mentioning due to its popularity is the Campbell Hausfeld PW1825. This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer. The newer version is the PW182501AV. As with everything you buy, there are different pros and cons associated with the PW182501. Read on to see if buying this product is the right move for you.

At 23 lbs, it claims to weigh less than most units. The AR Blue Clean AR383, for instance, weighs around 27lbs. Another light duty power washer, the Ryobi RY14122, is 32 pounds in weight. This is not a commercial washer. However, if you need something lightweight for your around-the-house needs then the Campbell Hausfeld PW182501 is one product to consider.

With 1900 PSI / 1.65 GPM output, the light duty residential pressure washer gives slightly more cleaning power than same priced units. If you are looking for something that provides enough pressure to do any deep cleaning, then this probably is not the model for you. That being said, people have utilized this little machine for various washing jobs, from cleaning patio furniture to vinyl siding.

A 450 ml detergent bottle is included that allows you to add a bit of detergent for deeper cleaning. Some people use it to pressure wash their car’s underbody. The water nozzle that comes with the machine is adjustable. You can change spray pattern shape and intensity by twisting the spray adjuster at the end of the lance. It uses quick connect connectors which are supposed to prevent leaking.

The 182501 and the 183501 both offer 3135 cleaning units. However, the 183501 model include a turbo nozzle, a right angle nozzle, and a brush. It also features a hose reel. The 182501 comes with only 1 nozzle. However, there is no much difference between these two models.

When it comes to area coverage, the PW182501AV is equipped with a 20-foot hose and a 35 ft power cord. It would provide plenty of reach while cleaning. This pressure washer is provided with a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) to protect you from accidental electrocution. Speaking about safety, there is a trigger safety lock that prevents the gun from being triggered accidentally.

The PW182501 is powered by a universal motor. It plugs into a household 120V/15A outlets. This model meets UL and ETL standards in the US and Canada. The consumer-grade electric also has instant start/stop switch feature that senses water flow in the pump. It automatically shuts off the pump when the trigger is not engaged, protecting the pump from overheating.

Overall, majority of customers on Amazon are satisfied with this product. At this of writing, 75% of reviewers have given it 4 or 5 stars which means they absolutely adore it!

With a compact design, it is also easy to store away after use. The onboard storage accommodate the power cord, the nozzle and the water delivery tubing. Clearly, it appears to be well made.

In terms of performance, some customers wish the fan spray was stronger but the majority of customers seem to agree that the amount of pressure that it puts out is good for an electric powered machine.

The adjustable nozzle included means no messing with multiple nozzle changes. As mentioned before, a turbo lance is not included with this item. It requires a separate purchase. According to one reviewer, it costs around $27. What is more, there is no way to increase or decrease the PSI while using the same stream width. However, these are not a big issue to the majority.

All in all, the Campbell Hausfeld PW182501AV is a nice entry level home pressure washer. If you are in the market for a light duty residential power washer which is easy to handle, then based on the customer feedback you will be happy with this little machine.

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