AR Blue Clean AR118 Review – Pros and Cons Of The Hand Carry Electric Pressure Washer

When talking about hand carry pressure washers, the name AR Blue Clean AR118 cannot be left out. Featuring a unique, compact design, it is suitable for anyone who needs a portable washing machine which is easy to handle and takes up a fraction of the storage space. Here is an AR Blue Clean AR118 review where you will find the benefits and specifications on the unit.

This cold water pressure washer has 1500 PSI and 1.58 GPM, giving it a cleaning power of 2370. A 1/2-inch garden hose supplies water at 40 PSI and delivers around 10 GPM flow rate, generating 400 CPU (cleaning power). You can see that this compact pressure washer has much better cleaning power than a standard garden hose, allowing you to clean an area much faster.

Obviously, it cannot do what a 3000 PSI gas powered unit can do. However, when it comes to pressure washer, more is not necessarily better. Buying a machine that is too powerful will only waste your money. The AR Blue Clean AR118 is adequate for most household chores that do not require extremely high pressure. It can be considered a good model for cleaning a vehicle, wood deck and patio furniture..

The light duty pressure washer is equipped with a 30-foot power cord and a 20-foot high pressure hose to provide a good power washing range and mobility. The unit is also shipped with an adjustable spray nozzle, lance adapter, gun, detergent tank, garden hose adapter and a nozzle cleaning tool. Basically, the spray nozzle assembly is connected to the gun through the lance adapter. The gun is then inserted into the high pressure hose that is attached onto the pump water outlet.

The pressure is not adjustable. The unit always runs at 1500 PSI. However, the fully adjustable spray head allows you to change the spray pattern shape and intensity. Simply twist the spray adjuster at the end of the lance to vary the impact force. With the adjustable nozzle, there is no need to disconnect and reconnect different nozzle tips to get the right spray pattern coverage and impact.

As with other AR Blue Clean models, this pressure washer has total stop system (TSS) feature to protect the pump from overheating. It works by sensing water flow in the pum. The trigger gun controls power to the washer. Water stops flowing when the spray gun trigger is released. The trigger gun also incorporates a safety lock mechanism to prevent it from being engaged accidentally when not in use.

To run the pump, the motor draws 11.7 amps from a 120V outlet. This product is provided with a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). The AR Blue Clean AR118 uses a three axial-piston wobble-plate pump. Wobble or Axial-style pumps can be found on entry-level models. Expect to get 300-600 hours out of the pumps. They are not designed for heavy duty cleanups. However, the ones with camshaft design are overkill for most homeowners.

The AR Blue Clean AR118 Hand Carry Electric Pressure Washer has got a lot of positive feedback from Amazon’s customers. This product is currently rated 4.1/5 stars. However, although most of the reviews have been positive, it also has a few shortcomings.

One complaint that has been made about the portable washing machine relates to the hose connector. According to many users, it is a cheap piece of plastic. Some have reported that it leaks quite a bit. It would be much better if the unit used a more robust, brass connection.

For some users, the biggest downside is the instructions for assembly. They had unwelcome experience when making the connections. They would like to see better instructions.

Some negative feedback has also been voiced in regard to the electrical cord holder. According to some users, it is too small and because of this the entire cord cannot be wound around the machine.

Finally, some customers have reported that while the pressure is quite good, the spray is not as wide as desired. But this is to be expected for a pressure washer of this size. Pressure washers in this category is designed for small jobs.

The mentioned feedback above might be discouraging. But it is important to remember that customer feedback has been very positive for the most part.

The cleaning power that this unit delivers has made a positive impression upon the reviewers. Based on the reviews, it does a good job of power washing vinyl siding, wood deck, patio furniture, car and other items around the home such as small concrete yard ornaments and kids outdoor play sets. It provides plenty of pressure for light usage tasks.

The size of the machine is also one of its most popular characteristics. With its compact size, it is a great machine for boats where storage space is limited. You can even hang it on the wall. Not only it is small enough to store easily, but it is also light enough to carry around.

Positive comments have also been expressed by many reviewers in reference to the adjustable spray nozzle. With a simple twist you can select the correct water spray that works best for your cleaning application.

This small hand held unit is certainly not for everyone. But as long as you keep in mind that it is a small, non-commercial type pressure washer, you will be thoroughly pleased. If you are looking for a compact pressure washer with a good cleaning ability, this would be a good homeowner choice.

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