What People Think About The Powerhouse International Force 1800?

The Powerhouse International Force 1800

Among the most impressive electric pressure washer these days is The Force 1800. It is not a professional grade power washer but customer feedback indicates that it is a great item for many power washing jobs around the home.

This cold water electric power washer uses a 110 VAC outlet to operate. Being electric means you do not have to worry about a lot of maintenance. Pouring gas can get difficult and causes a mess. The brush motor is equipped with thermal sensor to protect from overheating. With the Total Stop System (TSS), the motor shuts off when trigger is released. This prolongs motor life.

The working pressure is 1800 PSI standard and an IPB of 2600 PSI (Initial Power Boost). Obviously, this power washer does not have the same ‘Force’ as the 3000 PSI gas powered models. But if all you need is a small pressure washer which is easy to use and powerful enough to handle everyday cleaning chores, then it deserves serious consideration.

The Force 1800 by Powerhouse International has a unique foot operated on/off switch. The package includes a 20-foot quick connect hose. People have found the unit is easy to hook up and use. With a relatively long hose, cleaning in hard to reach places will be easier. The 35 foot power cord comes equipped with built in GFCI for added safety.

Additional accessories include an adjustable nozzle, a spinning turbo nozzle, and an angle nozzle. The adjustable nozzle allows you to change the spray on the fly, from a wide fan to a pencil point. The turbo nozzle will come in handy when you need to concentrate on a small spot. To clean hard to reach places such as underneath car, use the angle nozzle. The fact that the interchangeable tools can be changed quickly has pleased many people.

The 1800 PSI power washer also has an attachable soap/ foam bottle which is great for cleaning the car. You can adjust the amount of soap dispensed with a quick twist. It can be said that The Force 1800 comes with a handful of attachments to tackle a variety of cleaning jobs around the home. An attachable soft bristle cleaning brush is also included in the package that you can use to scrub the floor and patio.

The Force 1800 Attachments

The Force 1800 might not be one of the most popular electric power washers. However, customer feedback at Amazon.com has been very positive for the most part. Out of 53 reviews, 90% of users have awarded it a perfect rating.

There is not much bad to be said for this water-conserving pressurized cleaning device. There is no place on the machine to wrap the cord. However, this is not a big issue. For the majority of reviewers, this unit is well worth the money.

Many reviewers have been very pleased with its cleaning power. Obviously, it has its limits. If you need a pressure washer that features a ton of power to remove tough stains on concrete then consider investing in a more powerful unit featured on this site. That being said, it is powerful enough for most jobs around the house such as cleaning patio deck and furniture.

Being compact and light in weight, the reviewers have also found it to be very easy to move around. It measures 16″ Long x 10″ Wide x 10″ High. The weight of the actual unit is only 17 Lbs. Because of its portability and pressure, this is a good unit for cleaning cars, boats, and motorcycles. Featuring an attachment that sprays at a 90 degree angle, you can spray underneath your car without having to lay down

The reviewers have also keenly expressed their appreciation for the quality of materials and the design of this compact power washer. The parts seem to be made of a heavy duty durable plastic. When it comes to design, the unit is low to the ground and therefore is very stable. Unlike stand tall units, it does not tip over easily. The compact design makes it easy to store.

The Force 1800 is not meant to take the place of work performed by a 3000 PSI gas powered unit. But for small to medium jobs around the home and garage, this is worth considering. The best part is that it does not have a steep price. What could be better!

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